Remote Maintenance

Our remote control technology allows us to perform regular PC and Mac support and maintenance tasks after-hours while you're employees are at home sleeping, using a tool that allows us.

We can provide services such as patch management, software updates, preventative maintenance, application and service monitoring, error log checking, virus and spyware scans, initiate and confirm backups and more. 

The more RTS work we can do the more we can lessen the impact on both your budget and your business so your systems are running smoothly during normal business hours and not interrupted by technicians working.

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Just as the name implies, our Remote Technical Support Service provides remote technical assistance via telephone, text, email and over the internet via our remote control tool. 

MIS-ter offers both standard (non-contract) and contract Remote Technical Support ("RTS") rates.  

Standard RTS rates cost a bit more but contain zero the commitment and all of the same services and professional customer service that our other contract services provide.

Customers who prefer to pay less per hour can pay for their IT service time in advance and sign a contract, thereby retaining us at an agreed-upon, graduated, pre-purchased contract rate.  The banked time can then be used for other IT services.

We can solve over 70% of all minor technical issues remotely over the Internet without the need to pay for a technician to come to your site. 

From troubleshooting computer and network problems to identifying virus and spyware issues, fixing office automation software glitches or providing expert guidance and basic user training needs remotely, we get in, get out and get you back to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

If we can't solve the problem remotely, we'll dispatch a technician onsite the same business day and generally within a couple of hours of the initial diagnosis and when combined with our Onsite Virtual CIO Service we guarantee priority response times with SLAs. ​

Remote technical support ("rts") 

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