​The application of computers, networks and other equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, most often for business or other enterprise.

The computers, servers, the data on them, the printers, email, internet and other components of your business' technology infrastructure are the lifeblood of your business and when they're not functioning properly your business suffers.  

Downtime and degraded performance means employee productivity can come to a grinding halt, bringing your business to its knees.  

Maintaining your computer and network infrastructure is critical to preventing breakdowns and business sapping outages.  For most small and mid-sized businesses this is time-consuming, most often confusing but prevents them from doing what they're good at like running their business.

Find out how MIS-ter's maintenance, monitoring, diagnostics and processes can help resolve problems before they begin and save you the headaches associated with managing your infrastructure yourself.

​​​Management Information Systems (MIS) 

More Than Just A Job

This is more than just a job to us.  We love what we do and one of the best parts is being able to develop long-lasting business relationships with our customers.  When that happens it means they're satisfied and we're doing our job right. 


what is "it"?

What's "MIS-ter"?

​​​Information Technology (IT)

MIS-ter supports computers and peripherals, the networks they operate on, the applications that run on them, the processes that help them function and the people that use them. 

At MIS-ter we're seasoned IT professionals with over 22 years of real-world IT experience building computer networks and the infrastructure that supports them and our objective is simple: design and implement the best people, solutions, processes, and routines that consistently provide the best results, on time, within budget, with maximum sustainability, reduced risk and minimized downtime. See? Simple.​

We offer IT consulting services designed to help your company reach its potential without breaking your bank.  Our comprehensive approach to your technology infrastructure offers small to mid-sized businesses the IT services larger companies generally pay an entire IT staff to support. 

Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered.

An organized approach to the information needs of an organization's management at every level in making operational, tactical, and strategic decisions. 

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Risk Management Experts

We analyze computer and network infrastructure weaknesses, potential points of failure, and provide mitigation strategies before they negatively impact your business. And when the unfortunate happens we provide remediation strategies that result in quick recoveries and prevent those problems from reoccurring.

20+ Years of Experience​

Experienced professionals your business can count on to provide quick response, reliable service and cost-effective solutions to leverage your computer and networking technology's impact, lower your IT overhead and take the frustration and the guess-work out of supporting it.

Your Technology Partner

We are the technology experts who understand your business needs and computer networking environments, who work with vendors as your advocate, and help you develop a reliable, sustainable, and scalable technology platform that grows with your business.